Saturday, 19 May 2012

A new aquisition

Brigid and myself have got ourselves an allotment, all thanks to Zoe. It is very exciting and also free and I am so grateful. I hope to document our progress taking a picture at the end of each visit with my camera which has a scratched lens so my images will always have a blurry middle.

This was day 1,and the ultimate 'before' photo.

Day 2 and look at what we have done! exciting finds include:
2 pieces of white picket fence
a little toy gromit
a plastic measuring cup
and I speared a potato.


  1. & I apparently wore the same thing both times! I feel a bit like I have to keep that consistent now!

  2. ha I think it shows you now have an official gardening attire.. it would be lovely if every time I go, you could pose on or around the concrete step with your fisherman's outfit on.