Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pulse and Mary Portas

So on Tuesday at Pulse, I was approached by 3 buyers from House of Fraser who told me about 7 short-listed people who were to take part in a live, filmed audition in front of an audience to Peter Cross, partner of Mary Portas, and 2 buyers from House of Fraser. They said they needed 10 and would I like to audition?
I had heard vaguely about the auditions but I knew I'd be far too scared to do anything like that so I hadn't given it a second thought. So when they came over and asked, I was really excited but overwhelmed and tried to decline out of shyness but they said to think about it and they'd come back in a bit. Everyone I spoke to said I should do it and then they came back and I was told that Peter saw my postcard and really liked my boards and wanted me to audition just to him and the buyers without the audience after it had all finished at 4pm, as he knew I was scared of the audience and tv. I agreed and went along at 4pm only to find the audience still there and the microphone and camera still on but it was all too late to turn back.. I was ushered to the front and then introduced and had to talk into a microphone about my boards for a minute and then we discussed prices and how they might be a bit high and then everyone voted and it was all over and I can barely remember it, I was so scared.

I sat in the orange chair and Peter was in the white one and the two buyers were in the other two.

Anyway, it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life but I don't regret it. We shall see what happens now...

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