Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy beginnings and sad endings

A post at last.
Our garden is finally getting some colour, some I planted and others just appeared.
I'm hoping to spend more time in the allotment, I planted some courgettes and the chives are coming along nicely. Luckily the rain has meant that I haven't had to water so much.
I went back to Devon for a while last week and had a nice time doing very little. I did buy wood, a bandsaw and a sander though, watch this space for new wooden adventures!
This is also a goodbye post to Scamper who died a couple of weeks ago, and Ellie who died a couple of years ago; my two most dearest friends who are now together again somewhere...

I graduated this week! very exciting and nerve-wracking. Now begins the rest of my life. I remember someone telling me once that you make your own luck. Here's hoping.

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